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A good credit rating is one of the keys to qualifying for a mortgage.

You can take steps to ensure your credit score is mortgage worthy.

Start by pulling your own credit report.

Get Your Credit Report!

You get one free one each year from Annual Credit Report.com. Click here to be redirected to this page.

Look for any discrepancies. You are able to open disputes online at each of the three credit reporting agencies.

Here are some other sites where you can get your credit report




You will need your credit report number from your free report. 

According to a 2004 U.S. Public Interest Research Group study, nearly 80 percent of surveyed reports had inaccuracies.

You want to check to make sure that your social security number is listed correctly in addition to checking for past addresses, employment, history and aliases used.

If you find any discrepancies in any of the above or on any of your credit accounts, start a dispute immediately.

The agencies have 30 days to verify the listed information is correct or they must remove it from your report.

It is best practice to watch your report closely and often.

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